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Sunday, June 22, 2008

I was intrigued to discover during my weekly trolley dash around Asda last night, that you can now buy bamboo socks. Yes, bamboo socks. And they're not as stiff as you might think. I very nearly bought some, but their main selling point appears to be that they're naturally antibacterial and will stop your feet smelling. I didn't want the girl on the checkout thinking I had an odour problem, so I decided to leave well alone. And besides, they probably make you more prone to panda attacks.

It's the Femail!It's a shame though, because I've just worn out a perfectly good pair of socks by stalking a horse racing pundit through Hove all afternoon. Lisa and I took her mother to the dog track today for a bit of R&R, and who should we bump into but top Channel 4 totty, Tanya Stevenson. She was hanging about near the fast food counter (and obviously I wasn't far from that), waiting to see her dog Cushie San run in the tenth race. I was tempted to head straight over and start chatting, but she had a bloke with her who looked like he might not take too kindly to someone muscling in on his girlfriend, so I decided a better option might be to quietly stalk her from the chip seller to the grandstand via the tote counter, whilst snapping her surreptitiously with my mobile phone. The fact that I'm illustrating this post with a stock photo from the web tells you how successful I was.

But unlike Tanya's dog, which did about as well as the UK at Eurovision, I did see a few victories during the course of the afternoon. Having already made £14 with a £2 bet, I actually went on to record the most significant win I've ever had at Hove dog track. At approximately 1:40pm, I went to the chocolate vending machine, put in 50p, and it accidentally gave me two bars instead of one. I'm still on a high now.