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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nicky Keig-Shevlin R.I.P.I'm pleased to say that the Argus have published a lovely tribute to the soon-departed Nicky Keig-Shevlin. It's an uplifting piece. But personally I'd advise you to skip straight past that, and read all the comments below. At the time of writing, a total of eighty-two dedicated fans have left their opinions of the woman, about three of which are positive. And I haven't even added mine yet. She must be slashing her wrists as we speak.

I'm also slightly hurt that judging by the photo which accompanies the article, she'll clearly put her arm around anyone. But in the lady's defence, I have to repeat what I said after meeting her last year, which is that she's very nice, and far less annoying in person.

Anyhoo, never mind Keig-Shevlin, it's Yazoo!

Mmm... Sweet Thing.
The song they're performing is called 'Sweet Thing', which is why they're standing in front of two video screens showing sweets. The visual effects designer obviously went on a long mental journey before coming up with that one.

Anyway, it's twenty-five years since Yazoo split up, which is something well worth celebrating commemorating. So they're doing a one-off reunion tour, with tickets for Sunday's concert priced at just £45 each. I bought two, making a grand total of... yes, you've guessed it, £100. They do love a good 'service charge' at the Brighton Centre.

I'm not saying it wasn't worth it, but let's face it, there's only two of them, and Vince Clarke basically just stood there for ninety minutes looking at a laptop. If I want that kind of entertainment, I'll visit my brother. The songs were good though, and Alison Moyet can definitely belt out a tune. I liked her hair too, although Lisa felt her clothes made her look like a cast member from Prisoner Cell Block H, which is not the kind of thing I'd ever say. For the most part though, we were both impressed.

As was Andy Bell of Erasure, who was sitting a few rows in front of us. Frankly he was more animated than Vince Clarke (although let's face it, Lisa was more animated than Vince Clarke, and she can barely stand). Andy spent the whole concert on his feet, swaying about like he had vertigo, even when everyone else had sat down. You couldn't miss him. Unless you're Lisa. She was quite annoyed afterwards that I hadn't pointed him out.

Being a celebrity, Andy arrived fashionably late and missed the support act. To be honest I ended up wishing Big Sis had delayed me a bit longer, so we could have missed it too. It turned out to be a guy named Merz, although I only found that out afterwards. I genuinely thought he said "I'm nuts". And after hearing his songs, I tended to agree. The man plays electronic folk. Yes, electronic folk. It was all technically very impressive, and the guy's clearly a decent musician, but I couldn't shake the feeling that I was in some kind of acid-induced hippy trip with a bloke from Bristol. It was a bit like waching The Minotaur all over again.

I'm obviously in the minority though. Both the Independent and The Sunday Times made his new record their Album of the Week, and apparently Chris Martin's a big fan. Odd how Rachel Waddilove never mentioned it. Anyway, the good news is that Merz is playing the Brighton Komedia next Tuesday, so if I want to experience it all over again in much harder seats, the opportunity's there.