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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I'm pleased to report that I was up on time this morning. Lisa was so determined to get me out of bed before the clock struck seven that she practically dislocated my foot trying to wake me up. Of course, by the time I'd rubbed my ankle better, hobbled slowly to and from the shower, listened to my answerphone messages, and e-mailed everyone who'd rung to wake me up, I was late for work.

But in better news, I didn't eat any of those fattening bananas today. The pharmacy manager did her bit for staff morale by popping into the bakers on her way to work, so I had a Belgian Bun this morning and an Apple Danish this afternoon. I'm planning to eat my way across Europe via the patisseries of Brighton. It'll be Swiss Roll tomorrow and French Fancies on Friday. My weight might suffer, but on the plus side (or should that be plus size?), Lisa's exact words to me on Monday were "You should replace your bananas with apples", so she's one person who can't complain.

Mind you, there is someone who's trying to stop me eating. This was the scene at the dinner table when I got home...

Dinner's in the cat.
I think it's a lie-down protest. With skills like that, she should get herself down to Starbucks.