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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Oooh! Look what's on at the Brighton Centre on Sunday!

It's no picnic.
It's the Brighton Baby Expo 2008! Or a once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend my entire year's overtime pay in one afternoon. I only found out about it half an hour ago, but I'm already more excited than a kid at Christmas. There's a Dads Zone, a Gymboree, a celebrity Nanny (or tethered goat) and a chance to meet both Pushy Mothers and Mumtrepreneurs. They're even doing "4D Ultrasound scans on the day at special rates" (though how special remains to be seen). Not to mention the "Free natural food for little ones at the Little Dish Cafe", which I will be sampling, on the grounds that I'm quite short.

And it's free to get in!

And Sally Gunnell's going to be there!!

Or possibly she'll just be running past with a buggy. Either way it's something I can't afford to miss. Although I've already promised Lisa I'll take her out for a picnic on the South Downs on Sunday afternoon, so it might need a bit of rescheduling.

Mind you, she's currently refusing to come and watch badgers at a secret location with me tomorrow night on the grounds that they're vicious beasts and she might get savaged, so if I cancel the pork pie fest, we'll be even.