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Friday, June 27, 2008

I think it could be an expensive weekend. No, Lisa's not going shopping for maternity clothes again (although we might be getting a buggy), it's actually my computer which needs a bit of TLC. Well, it needs to be chucked in a skip. But I'll do it tenderly.

Sadly, my PC is as old as the hills (Damon and Graham) and I've spent the past year trying to ignore the fact that I need to get a new one, whilst quietly moving anything of importance (clips of me singing, photos of my cat) over to an external hard drive in preparation for the day when it finally gives up the ghost and goes kaput. Unfortunately I think that day has come. It's been playing up for the past three days, and I spent most of yesterday evening carrying out open heart surgery on my hard drive, but all to no avail. In fact I think I made it worse. As of this morning, it won't even boot up. It was awful - I had nothing to do before work. I actually had to talk to Lisa.

So with my antique computer in silicon heaven, I think I'll have to head straight over to PC World tonight and buy something which wasn't personally built by Charles Babbage. Otherwise I won't be able to blog over the weekend, which would obviously be a disaster for the English-speaking world. They won't be able to send me hate-mail. Your taxes have paid for an NHS computer to keep me sane at work, but I'm not sure they'll let me take it home.

Fortunately, my brother's always told me that when buying a new computer, you should spend as much as you possibly can. So I know he won't mind if I use this month's rent money. On the downside, my stereo's knackered too. It keeps refusing to play my Take That CDs. Although that could just be some kind of quality control feature.

Either way though, I think I need to splash out on some kind of hi-fi as well. Music's the food of love, and I don't want Lisa to go off me. As it happens though, spending my entire month's wages in one day could be handy - I've just been sent a Working Tax Credit renewal form, and let's face it, it'll be easier to claim poverty once I've cleared out my bank account.