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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's always good to put a face to a name. So if you've ever struggled to picture the street-drinking, jacket-stealing, quiz-night-cheating gay primary school teacher who wears a dressing gown cord instead of a belt and bakes cannabis cakes for his colleagues, then struggle no more. He was in yesterday's Argus...

And he's not the one with the beak.
He's the one in the football shirt.

In reality he hates football, but he's obviously prepared to put aside his principles for a chance to get in the local paper. In fact, this is the second time he's appeared in the Argus. The first was when they decided to illustrate Gay Pride with a front-page picture of his face. Sadly I don't have a copy of that.

Anyhoo, to answer all the people (well, person) clamouring for news on Lisa's health, I can exclusively reveal that she's still alive. After two days on sick-leave, during which she self-medicated by forcing her mother to fetch her sausage rolls from the bakers around the corner, she found herself in tip-top condition and was able to return to work this morning. Meaning she now has excruciating backache from sitting at her desk.

But the good news is she won't have to put up with these symptoms for as long as we thought. She went for her monthly check-up with the midwife today, and after taking all sorts of measurements, they've moved Lisa's due-date forward to September 29th. Apparently no baby this size could cling on until October without snapping Lisa's pelvis like a wishbone.