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Monday, July 07, 2008

You've heard the heartbeat, you've seen the photos, now watch the video. She starts by sticking her tongue out, but try to ignore that...

I apologise for the poor contrast levels, but frankly it's a miracle I've got the clip at all. It turns out that the version of Windows Movie Maker which came with my version of Windows Vista, doesn't work with Windows Vista. I was surprised at first, but then I thought "Hey, nothing else works with Vista, so why should this?". I felt better after that.

Anyway, it turned out to be something to do with codecs. Which I think is a headache tablet. The good news is that after an hour of frustration (during which I could have done with a couple of codec tablets), I finally found the solution. And here it is. Judging by the dozens of grateful comments on that post, I wasn't exactly alone in the problem. So anyone with a green bar in their published videos should follow that link.

Anyhoo, I'm off work today and tomorrow to give me a bit of time to look through the baby names book. Lisa's already gone through it and narrowed the choice down to thirty. I'll be crossing most of those out later. Then we're off to Mothercare to buy a new buggy. Yes, I know, we've already got one, but after a lot of thought, we've decided it might be better to get one that we can actually fit in the house, and which Lisa can push without the aid of a Charles Atlas body-building course. We can put Lorraine's one on Ebay.

As for yesterday, I had a very productive day. I made a list of Important Tasks, and by 7pm last night I'd transformed the entire flat. Lisa said it was like the Changing Rooms team had been round. We now have room for a Moses basket, cot, buggy, nappies, clothes and rock-a-tot car seat. An actual baby might be a squeeze, but you can't have everything. I even managed to complete the important task which Lisa added on to my list: "Install Taipei". Yes indeed, my PC has a 4GB memory and the latest 3D video card, but all Lisa wants to play is a free Mahjong game from 2003. And what's more it works with Windows Vista. There's no justice in this world.