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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lisa's bought me a new super-duper camera for my birthday. I wanted it mainly to take pictures of the baby, but knowing what I'm like with photos, Lisa's already expressed concern that our child may grow up with permanent retinal damage from having a flash go off in her eyes a hundred times a day. So she's given it to me early, in the hope that I might find some other subjects to occupy me.

And I have. I took this photo at lunchtime today. It's of Hereford Court, a block of flats just along the road from me...

Hereford Court
Note the composition, the contrast between foreground and background, the focus of... oh, hang on... what's that white thing on the thirteenth floor...?

Beware All Women
Hmm... is that what I think it is..?

Fortunately I'm at the cutting edge of technology here. My new camera's got a 5x optical zoom...

I'm not sure what the hyphen's for.
...yes! It's a pervert warning on a bedsheet! I never saw that kind of thing in Shotley Gate. But then I didn't have a decent camera in those days. Still, it shows the advantage of living in a tower block - you can spot degenerates over a wide area. That's why the Nazis built watchtowers.

Anyway, one pervert in the neighbourhood could be considered unlucky, but to have two in one street is just plain greedy. And Warwick Mount is so small, most Brighton maps don't even show it. But if you want to know where to take your flaming torches and vats of tar, it's off Montague Street. You won't need any feathers - there are plenty of seagulls around.