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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Come back Julie Reinger, all is forgiven.I don't know how Simon Parkin had the nerve to show his smug ginger-topped face on the Meridian weather report again tonight. This time yesterday he stood in front of a map of Sussex and informed us that "tomorrow could be even worse than today", before implying that everyone in Brighton was likely to find themselves buried under a ten-foot snowdrift by the end of the morning. So I set out for work with a spare pair of trainers, a thicker pair of gloves, and a magazine in case I got snowed in. And what happened? The sun shone all day, the ice melted, and the only flakes I've seen are Lisa's chocolate bars in the fridge. Frankly the huskies would have died of heatstroke.

So tragically I've had to work a full day at the hospital. Which is unfortunate as I'm suffering from major exhaustion and a bad headache. It could be some kind of virus, but to be honest I'm more inclined to blame my daughter and my workmate. One of them woke me up at 6am with endless chatter about nothing, while the other lent me a book of optical illusions which promptly gave me eye strain.

So I'm gagging Amelie and going to bed early without a good book. But here's my favourite picture of the day...

The yellow square in the centre at the front is exactly the same colour as the brown square in the centre on the top. No, seriously.

But whilst looking up the explanation for that image, I came across something even more weird. Never mind optical illusions, here's an auditory illusion. It's...

The Endless Octave!

Every note sounds higher than the one before, yet it goes on forever. It's Escher's staircase for the blind.