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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's Keane at the Brighton Centre!

Very Keane
Either they're employing an experimental new form of stagecraft which involves performing for most of the night with your back to the audience, or Lisa and I had the worst seats in the house. I'm sensing it was the latter. Frankly if we'd been any further to the right, we'd have needed backstage passes. But on the plus side, I can now recognise every member of the band by their left ears alone.

Here they are lighting up the room with 'Sunshine'...

I shot that video mainly to prove my long-held belief that Tim Rice-Oxley looks and moves like a Jim Carrey impersonator. I haven't seen head-bobbing like that since Ace Ventura.

If he'd been hooked on cocaine, he'd be Charlie Chaplin.As for Tom Chaplin, he's looking a lot thinner since he came out of rehab. You just don't realise how many calories there are in booze.

Anyhoo, I have to say that Keane were excellent. Back in 2005 I used to listen to their album constantly as I drove through the night back to Suffolk, after visiting Lisa in Brighton for the weekend. Four years on and we can't go to see them without a babysitter. How times have changed.

But if there's one band worth abandoning Amelie for, it's Keane. And unlike Sharleen Spiteri, they actually bothered to turn up, which is always a bonus. Lisa bought the tickets as a Valentine's gift to us both, and needless to say I was not disappointed. The music was consistently brilliant from start to finish, and I loved every minute. Frankly it's the best night I've had at the Brighton Centre since the Britain's Got Talent live tour. And that had a dancing dog.

As for The Argus, I took 40p out of Chloe's college fund to buy a copy of today's paper, but sadly the two of us failed to put in an appearance. Either they're still trying to fit my double-chin onto a single page, or a bigger story came along to push us off the news agenda. Somewhere in Brighton there must be a cat stuck up a tree.