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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Someone arrived at my blog last night after entering this into Google:

"i work for the nhs and i was told today that because i could not come to work on monday due to no transport and really bad weather i would have to take it as annual leave is this right"

I'm surprised they managed to fit it all into the search box. But still, it's reassuring to know that the highly trained healthcare professionals responsible for the wellbeing of the entire nation, seriously think they can type all that into a search engine and get a yes or no answer. It's no wonder they couldn't figure out how to get into work on Monday.

But anyhoo, the good thing about having the day off work and no concert to go to, is that it gives you the time to do all sorts of important and productive things with your life. I've started by making my own optical illusion and putting it on YouTube...

I've noticed that the most successful illusionists on the web call their videos 'Best Optical Illusion in the World' or 'Best Optical Illusion Ever', so I've named mine 'The Best Optical Illusion in the Entire Universe Ever, Bar None'. I'm expecting a million hits by the end of the week.