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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This intriguing piece of graffiti is currently on display just along Eastern Road from me...

For the want of destroying something beautiful, I am guilty.
I believe it's a quote from 'Fight Club', but to be honest, when Edward Norton said it, I don't think he was referring to garden fences. Presumably the author couldn't get near the Royal Pavilion with a can of paint. Mind you, I took that photo a couple of days ago, so with the amount of rain we had yesterday, I doubt it's there any more. The paint might be waterproof, but the fence has probably been washed away in the flood.

Yesterday afternoon was one of those times you really want to be tucked up in bed with a couple of sandbags and a water-pump. Unfortunately I spent it driving up to the Princess Royal in Haywards Heath to collect some emergency drugs for a patient at the Royal Sussex. I took the pharmacy van, but in reality I could have done with a boat and a snorkel. Ditchling Beacon was like a log flume ride, and I'm sure I was technically underwater at the foot of Burgess Hill.

Anyway, it took me almost two hours, and I rarely got above 30 knots, but I made it in the end. I'm tempted to ask the NHS to supply us with a pharmacy speedboat, but after seeing Big Sis's bruise, I think a pedalo might be safer.

But on the subject of February showers, it's been an interesting day for my little catfish Chloe. Barely twenty-four hours after making her YouTube debut with an explicit shower scene, she received an e-mail yesterday from a reporter at The Argus, asking if they can feature her in the local paper. Apparently the web-editor's a big fan. Of her, not me.

I only read that e-mail at 8pm last night, but by lunchtime today I was standing in the bathroom, spraying Chloe with water while a photographer with a long lens took her photo. Which is not where I expected to be this time yesterday. An hour after that, I was on the phone, conducting a press conference as Chloe's official spokesman. I'm not saying it's a slow news day, but there's talk of a full-page article on page 3 of tomorrow's edition. Just imagine if I'd managed to film her having a shower in the middle of last week's snow. I'd have made the front page of every paper in the country.