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Friday, February 27, 2009

It was such a nice day today, I decided to walk back to work after lunch, instead of taking the car. I've spent February struggling to get the thing started on cold damp mornings, so now the sun's finally come out for a day, I thought it was bound to overheat going up the hill, just to spite me.

Fur SaleSo I chose to ride shanks's pony up to the race course. And I'm glad I did, because they were having a Fur Sale on the council estate at the top of the Queensway. I wanted to buy Chloe a new coat, but they didn't have one which was waterproof.

And talking of Chloe, word has reached me today via the husband of one of my colleagues, that local Citroën car dealership, Tates of Brighton, are displaying one of Chloe's press photos in their garage. With a bit of luck, this could be the start of a celebrity endorsement deal. I might offer to drive Chloe through their carwash in return for a free Citroën. After all, they must be pretty keen - they've got a showroom full of Picassos, but they've put Chloe up on the wall.