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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I took this photo on Sunday afternoon while stopped at traffic lights on the seafront...

A typical Brighton scene.
It's not the most exciting shot in the world (unless you really like box junctions), but if you zoom in a bit...

Use the force!
It's Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers! Since the Death Star was destroyed, they've been living in a bedsit off Western Road. That's Luke Skywalker running in with the woolly hat and rucksack bomb.

But if all that seems a bit hard to believe, you should try checking my e-mails on a daily basis. Yesterday I had an independent TV production company wanting to shoot a video of Chloe next week, but today the ante has been well and truly upped. A well known French TV show wants to send cameras across the channel in March, just to film her in the shower. As they said in their e-mail this afternoon, "This story about your cat is just uncredible". They've hit the nail on the head there. It's completely un-credible. I need to start pointing out to these people that most of what the national press reported wasn't true, and their chances of filming Chloe sprinting towards the bathroom at the first sound of running water, are approximately zero.

But in the meantime, Chloe's march around the world continues unabated. She's particularly big in Eastern Europe. Seventeen thousand people watched her video on YouTube yesterday, of which fifteen thousand were from Lithuania. I didn't even know there were that many people living there. We get a good write-up in this organ of the Lithuanian press, where I go by the name Philas Gardneras, but it's this article which has really caught the imagination of the average Lithuanian in the street. So far, it's attracted 266 comments. Which is about 265 more than I normally get.

On her way to the Baltic states, Chloe stopped in France, visited Hungary, and then moved on to the Czech Republic, where she posed for a photo which really doesn't look like her.

From there it was on to Turkey, before crossing into Asia and visiting Pakistan, then China and a weird place in Japan. A quick jaunt across the Pacific, and she turned up in Brazil, before arriving today in California, USA. The columnist at News Blaze begins her article with Barack Obama, and ends it with Chloe. It seems like a natural progression.

But just when you think the fuss has died down in the British press, and Chloe can fade back into obscurity, there she is slap-bang in the middle of a public scandal. I've only just seen today's Sun...


Phil said...

Phil's Mum
It's a pretty incredible journey, for a cat who never goes out!
17 February 2009, 22:57:24
MeleeIt's so bizarre. Personally, I was a much bigger fan of Amelie Does Tigger.17 February 2009, 23:02:36DaveSo when are you moving to Lithuania? I understand you're in the running for president.18 February 2009, 07:40:09PhilThe thing is, Dave, the way things are going, in a week's time that statement won't even sound like a joke. Most of today's post would have seemed laughable this time last week. So I wouldn't rule out the presidency by the beginning of March. And I prefer 'Amelie Does Tigger' too. There's no accounting for taste in Lithuania.18 February 2009, 07:53:19Phil's MumI liked 'Amelie's Singing Animals' too. Why don't they just put all your Youtube offerings on TV?18 February 2009, 08:08:44Terry LovePhil, never mind your international cat pimping exploits, why is no one investigating why Southern Water is putting catnip in?18 February 2009, 19:39:28