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Friday, February 06, 2009

It's Amelie doing her Tigger impression!

She's got bouncebackability. Which is just as well, because she had her third round of vaccinations on Wednesday, and she's been as grumpy as her mother was when she found out about the concert cancellation. She's also teething (Amelie, not Lisa) and wants to tell us all about it at a high volume. I'm not sure if there are any side effects to mixing Calpol and Bonjela, but I think we're about to find out.

I successfully cheered up Lisa by letting her have one of her Valentine's Day gifts early (Mahjongg for the Nintendo DS), although it almost backfired when she played it so much she gave herself eye strain and had to go to bed early last night with a headache. So having bought myself out of trouble once, I decided to do it again for my daughter, and wheeled her down to the Baby & Toddler Event at Asda yesterday afternoon, where I picked up a baby bouncer for fifteen quid.

We'd debated whether to buy one last week, but rather than giving an age guideline, the packaging says it's "suitable for a child that can support its head unaided", and we weren't sure if we should wait until she's a bit older. But having discussed the subject again yesterday, we agreed that if her head flopped forward on the first bounce and snapped her neck like a twig, we'd put it down to experience and promise not to blame each other. So we went for it.

And it turned out to be the right decision. She tried it for the first time at 4:30pm yesterday afternoon, and liked it so much, I think she might be living in it from now on. The box says this:

600,000 down, 400,000 to go.
But the way she's going, she'll have used them all up by next week.

Anyhoo, bouncing aside, today's a big news day. Well, a Big Sis day. Yes, it's official: my wayward sister is back in the country and heading for Brighton. It was only a matter of time before they chucked her out of Australia. She was supposed to be here at 9am, but I received word at eight-fifteen that the taxi driver couldn't find her at the airport. She fell out of a speedboat on Sunday and broke her head open, so she's probably wandering around Heathrow with concussion. Either that or she's been arrested at customs for trying to smuggle kangaroo fur into the country on the front bumper of her car. Anyway, it's now 9:50am and there's still no sign of her. At this rate we've got more chance of seeing Sharleen Spiteri.