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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Technically it's bestiality.It's Valentine's Day! And after the week I've just had, I suppose this card's quite appropriate. I bought it in Asda for a pound. Unfortunately it contains these words:

Unforgettable Pussy

... so I'm not sure I'd ever want to send it to anyone.

As for the card I bought Lisa, that was far more expensive. Mainly because it contained a Next voucher. I also bought her 'Sight Training' for the Nintendo DS, so she can see what she looks like in her new clothes. After which I made her scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast.

In return she gave me a card she'd written five minutes earlier, and then used the last of the milk so that I had to walk down the road and queue for ten minutes in the Co-op just so that I could have a cup of tea. Lisa suggested I use infant formula instead, but I couldn't get my mug in the steriliser.

Anyhoo, having been sucked dry by the nation's media this week, I feel as tired as a tabloid cliché. So in a decision of the most impulsive kind, we're heading over to St Leonards for a few hours this afternoon to let my parents look after Amelie while we sit in a darkened room and contemplate getting a dog. But I'm leaving the burglar alarm on in case anyone tries to steal my little cash cow, Chloe. She's the main breadwinner in this family now.

In the meantime, here's a bit of primetime TV from yesterday evening...