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Monday, March 23, 2009

The big news of the day, at least for people who drive Skodas, is that the world's cheapest car has just been launched in India. It's called the Tata Nano, which is what Big Sis says every time she loses an iPod, and will apparently cost just £1,366.

For the benefit of anyone who can't get their head around that figure, the BBC have published an informative article posing the question "What makes the Tata Nano so cheap?". And here's the answer...

The nodding dog's extra.
No air conditioning, no power steering, and windows which wind down by hand. I can't believe such a vehicle exists. Next they'll be telling me it doesn't have central locking and a CD player.

Anyway, I'm thinking of upgrading my car, so I might get one. I'm used to "plastic and adhesive" because my wing mirror's stuck on with gaffer tape. And I rarely get above 43mph. Usually because it won't start.

It's particularly important that I have reliable transport at the moment, because Lisa's hurt her back today, and I might need to take her to the doctor. She's been struggling to get up off the sofa all afternoon (no change there then), and is currently hobbling about the flat, clutching her spine in pain. All of which sounds quite serious, until you hear that she sustained the injury whilst swinging Amelie through the air in an attempt to make her laugh. She may not have succeeded with Amelie, but it's certainly worked on me.