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Friday, March 27, 2009

Look into my eyes...
... you are feeling sleepy.
No, that's not a photo of Jupiter, although I am over the moon. It's actually a human retina. Which is one in the eye for people who said digital photography would never work.

Anyhoo, I took the day off work today, and may I say it's been the most profitable holiday I've ever had. And that includes a fortnight ago when I filled my suitcase with free boxes of Frosties and mini pots of jam. As unlikely as it may sound, I've actually been offered a new job.

A process which started two months ago on January 23rd, culminated this morning in a one-hour rendezvous at a secret location, where I met a total of five healthcare professionals, one photographer and a patient. Four hours later I picked up the phone and said yes to an offer I couldn't refuse. It won't be official until I have it in writing, but as of 4pm this afternoon I'm all set to join the National Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Programme. It's a dream come true. Particularly if you eat cheese late at night.

Lisa's claiming all the credit, as she's the one who bought me the Perfect Interview book and gave me advice on ties, but personally I think it's all down to having a daughter who spurs you on to greatness by going through eight nappies a day, and making you realise just how much you need a pay rise.

I'm not saying it's a lot more money, but I might need to open a bank account in Switzerland and put Amelie down for Roedean. I'm planning to work my way up until I replace Alan Johnson as Health Secretary. At this rate I'll be there by Christmas.

Anyway, I'd better not say any more until I've told my managers that I'm leaving. I should probably take some cakes in on Monday to soften the blow. Or to fill up their mouths so they can't shout at me. To be honest though, they'll barely miss me at all. The way the pharmacy department gets through biscuits, they'll all be at my diabetes clinic come June.