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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's exactly one year ago today that I began my quest to heal the sick, help the lame, and allow the blind to see (via the prudent use of eye drops), by joining the NHS. It was March 17th last year when Lisa waved me off on a bus to Haywards Heath with a packet of crisps and a carton of orange juice. She says the sight of my little face peering through that bus window brought a tear to her eye. It was probably the exhaust fumes.

Naturally I turned up at work today expecting presents, cake and possibly the afternoon off, so when no one had mentioned the occasion by 10am, I was forced to say "Do you know what today is?". My colleagues' faces immediately lit up, and they all replied in unison: "St Patrick's Day!". It's not easy being one of the lesser known saints.

I can still perform miracles though. Believe it or not, whilst up in the air on Saturday afternoon, I managed to spot my old house!

Village of the Damned
That's the village of Burwell in Cambridgeshire, where I lived from 1993 until 1998. Or 'the nightmare years', as I like to call them. Sis was no help as a tour guide (possibly because she was blindfolded), but I successfully managed to recognise the place, partly due to my advanced skills of navigation, but mainly because I saw Newmarket racecourse, and knew it wasn't far away.

I snapped the photo above, and if you zoom in, you can just about see the house I called home...

Bingo! I mean HOUSE!
I can't quite make out the blue plaque on the door, but I've no doubt it's there.


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