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Friday, March 13, 2009

I was asked to take some photos of Chloe this week for Full House magazine, a respected organ of the press which has offered me good money to feature her in a future issue. They wanted a picture of me, Chloe and Lisa "looking cuddly" together, but sadly Lisa declined to take part. Possibly because hell hasn't frozen over.

They seemed quite pleased with the two I e-mailed them yesterday, but this third one had to be rejected...

Exits are located here, here and here.
... on the grounds that they're not doing an article on demonic possession. Even if it is Friday the 13th. And besides, she's dangerously close to a Nazi salute, which is unlikely to go down well with readers of Full House. I'll save it for the Daily Mail.

But hellcats aside, I've packed my flight bag, and when Amelie's finished her cocktail of milk and Calpol, we're hitting the M1. I've prepared for my two-and-a-half hour drive up the motorway by spending the afternoon behind the wheel of the pharmacy van, attempting to get from Brighton General to the Royal Sussex, then up to the Princess Royal, back to the Sussex and home to the General, all in under two hours. Needless to say I failed. But at least we all got something out of it. The Princess Royal got their prescription pads, the Royal Sussex got their controlled drugs, and I got... well, I got home half an hour late.

As for the flight plan, Big Sis phoned last night to do a risk assessment on my cold, and aside from the fact that my blocked sinuses could cause my head to explode as we descend from nine thousand feet, the main problem appears to be that if Sis catches my germs a few days before her final flight test, it could essentially ruin her entire life. I've told her that's a risk I'm prepared to take.

Mind you, my cold could be the least of our worries. Sis texted me this morning to say that she's got a sore throat. Frankly it could be a major problem. If she loses her voice, she won't be able to scream to people to get out of the way as we plummet towards Coventry at 200mph.