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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lisa and I are going away for the weekend on Friday, and what's more, we're taking Amelie with us. We tried booking a babysitter, but they couldn't hear us over the sound of her screaming. Technically it's our first ever family holiday, so naturally I've chosen somewhere special. Yes, that's right, we're going to Milton Keynes.

There was no room at the Holiday Inn so we're sleeping in The Stable. They've even promised us a manger for Amelie. It's self-catering, but it says they supply breakfast cereals, so I'm planning to live on mini boxes of Coco-Pops for two days.

The reason for our visit (because let's face it, you'd need a good reason to visit Milton Keynes) is to do some blue sky thinking and allow my dreams to take flight. Or, to put it another way, to go up in a plane with my sister. We're due to take off on Saturday afternoon, which could be a problem because they're forecasting gusts of 41mph. As Sis said to me last night "It will be like the Wizard of Oz". By which I think she means we'll be sucked into a tornado, not that we'll land on a witch. And besides, Lisa's staying back at the apartment.

Stable InfluenceAccording to Sis, The Stableyard is aptly named. Frankly it's one of the few hotels which could close due to an outbreak of foot & mouth. Before booking our room, she even had to ask if we're ok with horses. I told her I get a bit annoyed when they don't win, but otherwise I'm fine. Although if Amelie comes back wanting a pony, I won't be happy.

Anyhoo, as things stand right now, the weekend's all booked, the plane's been reserved, and unless I jump out of the flying plan and into the mire, then when Saturday comes I'll be cruising at 9,000 feet with my sister at the controls. My stomach's looping the loop just thinking about it.