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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ever wondered how your cat would look at you if you dressed her in a wedding gown..?

Bride & Groom
Obviously, to find out, you first need to lift up her veil. But I'd say it's a cross between surprise and utter contempt.

Here comes the bride.You have to admit though, the white really brings out the sadness in her eyes. I think it suits her.

Anyhoo, as if I hadn't done enough already this bank holiday weekend, we went to visit our friend Linda yesterday. That's her on the left. As a bonus, we got to meet not one, but four human beings, two of which had travelled thousands of miles just to see me. Well, to see Amelie. And their brother.

A, of S & A fame, is currently playing host to his brother and sister from Canada, so we invited ourselves round in the hope of getting some free maple syrup. We were last there in February, and a lot's changed since then. Linda's got her paws on some new outfits, and her owner's bought a life-size cowboy for the hallway. Apparently it was the one thing they really needed. Although I think they're also out of bread.

But one thing which hasn't changed is the hospitality. We were treated to another home-made cake to die for (probably from obesity-related heart disease), while Amelie had her own personal entertainer from across the pond. So while I relaxed on the sofa and played with a stress-relieving squeezy liver designed to raise awareness about hepatitis C, Amelie was bounced, tickled, sung to, and kept in a heightened state of amusement for a good two and a half hours by A's sister. I'd say she's a natural, but frankly no one could be that good with children by accident. I think she must have sold her soul to the devil.

In addition, we learnt a lot about life back in Canada. A's sister told us about Marvel the Mustang and the Easy Bake Oven, while A's brother talked about the Canoe Museum in Peterborough. Apparently it's not as dull as it sounds. But personally I'd rather have my kayak and eat in it, by baking a cake with a 60-watt lightbulb (not included)...

It's the most beautiful oven she's ever seen. And that kid's seen some ovens.

Anyhoo, having spent a couple of hours stuffing our faces with cake while someone else looked after our daughter, we eventually left, taking with us a box of maple shortbread and a party dress for Chloe. I've so far failed to get it on her, but trust me, I'm not giving up. I just need to break her spirit somehow.

As for today, well it's been my penultimate day at work before I start my new job on Monday. I've taken the end of the week off to give me a chance to withdraw from sugar overload before I meet the diabetics. One of my colleagues brought in a home-made banoffee pie today to celebrate commemorate the fact that I'm leaving, and it was possibly the nicest thing I've ever tasted. Although I had to have seconds to be sure. If this is what you get when you leave, everyone's going to be handing in their notice first thing tomorrow morning.