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Friday, January 14, 2011

One of my patients yesterday was a 40-year-old woman, about six months younger than Lisa, who came into the consulting room with a little girl about the same age as Amelie. It was just like being at home. Only less tiring.

When I gave the lady some eye drops, the little girl expressed concern that I might be causing her pain, so I calmly reassured the child by bending down, smiling, and saying "Don't worry, your Mummy will be fine."

At which point the girl looked confused, and the woman said "It's Nanny. My daughter's twenty-three."

It makes you wonder what Lisa and I have been playing at all these years. We really should be posing for Amelie's graduation photos by now, not trying to get her potty trained. It's no wonder I'm knackered all the time. I should be putting my feet up with the grandchildren while Am does our shopping.

But still, we might be mature parents with arthritis, aching feet and low energy levels (and that's just me), but we're successfully bringing up Amelie in the modern age. Not only does she know the word 'e-mail', but as of this week, she's started using the word 'blog'. Only last night, she walked up to the computer, pointed at the screen, and shouted "Mummy's blog!"

She was looking at Facebook. And she was basically right.


Dave said...

I still have Lisa's blog on my sidebar.  Is there any point?

Phil's Mum said...

Only if you're into historical records, Dave!