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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and sure enough, after more than two and a half weeks off work, and a total of nine nights in St Leonards (which I'm trying to convince Lisa should count as a honeymoon), I went back to work today. Quite a long way back to work. Crawley, to be precise. I was only expecting to travel two hundred yards down the road, but working for the NHS is a lot like starring in Tales of the Unexpected, so I found myself heading up the A23 instead.

But hey, if I hadn't been forced to get up an hour earlier than anticipated, I wouldn't have seen this sunrise from our balcony...

Let's face it, if you're going to leap out of the kitchen window headfirst, there are worse things to look at on your way down. I reckon Flats Plunge Man was just leaning out to get a better view.

Anyhoo, that might be the most gorgeous sunrise of the year so far, but it's not the prettiest picture on my blog today.

Always the bridesmaid...This is.

When I got the call from Roald Dahl yesterday afternoon, we were actually visiting Lisa's elderly uncle on the other side of town. He'd spent the morning reminiscing with a box of old photos, and he gave us this one of Lisa, aged three, dressed as a bridesmaid at her cousin's wedding.

I think it proves conclusively who has the dominant genes in this marriage. Frankly I'd recognise that look anywhere. It's Amelie standing in the kitchen, looking at the food cupboard, and saying "What does Ammy want...?"


Phil's Mum said...

Yes, a good likeness, except that Amelie would not stand there looking shy and uncertain.  She'd be right into the dancing and the wedding cake!

Lisa said...

Apparently I did go on the dancefloor and knock another little girl unconscious. It's a bit unfortunate but I'm sure they had a lovely day.

Dave said...

I can't see the dawn from my windows.  The houses get in the way.

Phil's Mum said...

Thats the trouble with living in the country, Dave.