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Saturday, January 08, 2011

While Lisa was having her collar felt by the long arm of the law on Thursday, I was having my own close encounter with the criminal underworld in Horsham. Yes, it's true, I saw Grouty from Porridge in Waitrose. And he was wearing shorts. Clearly crime doesn't pay, or he'd have been able to afford trousers.

As it turned out though, I was pipped to the post in the celebrity stakes by Big Sis, who phoned me on Thursday night to say she'd spent the afternoon at Maurie Fa'asavalu's house. Yes, Maurie Fa'asavalu. No, I've never heard of him either. And Big Sis spent most of the conversation calling him Mario. But fortunately we both have access to Google, so between us we were able to establish that the man's a professional rugby player who's played in the World Cup for both Samoa and England. I've no idea how that's possible.

Due to having friends in high places, Sis naturally found herself being invited around to his place for lunch on Thursday, and succeeded in getting through most of the meal without having a clue who he was. And wondering why he kept telling stories about being mobbed by fans in St Helens. Let's face it, before Thursday, Sis thought Samoa was an Indian pastry.

But the good news is that having eventually worked out her host's identity, there's now every chance of her teaming up with him again. After chatting to me for an hour on her way home, Sis received a text message to say she'd left her security pass at Maurie's house, and would have to drive all the way back. Obviously it's not the first time Fa'asavalu's held onto a valuable pass, but this time his chances of scoring are slim. Not only is he a married man, but Sis can't pronounce his name.


Phil's Mum said...

It sounds like a very obvious excuse for having to go back!

Dave said...

Can she get me tickets for the next england match?