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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sometimes I think the only thing preserving my sanity (or what's left of it) is my ability to access Google. Obviously it helped me find out who my sister was having lunch with on Thursday, but yesterday it went one stage further and managed to stop me thinking I was going mental.

I was doing the shopping in Asda on Friday night, when a young couple came walking towards me down the ready meals aisle. Just as our paths crossed, the man turned to the woman and quite clearly said the following words:

"I want to get a horse ridden by a frog saying 'Ahoy Butternuts!'"

It's the kind of sentence which makes you do an instant double-take and then wonder if you need a hearing test. Or a psychological assessment. I was so taken aback that I stood there by the WeightWatchers meals and tapped the words into my mobile phone in an attempt to document the beginning of my mental breakdown. After all, I knew the man couldn't really have said that he wanted a horse ridden by a frog saying 'Ahoy Butternuts!', so the fact that my brain interpreted his words thus, surely indicated some kind of major psychosis. By the time I reached the checkouts, I was convinced I must be in downward spiral of loopiness.

But as it transpires, I'm not as mad as I thought I was. Well, not in this instance. Having entered the words into Google yesterday morning, I discovered that the bloke was talking about an episode of LA Ink in which Ronnie Radke of 'Escape the Fate' fame (and I use that term very loosely) goes into a tattoo parlour and asks for... well, you can probably guess. That was shortly before he did time for narcotics offences. I don't think the two are entirely unrelated.

It makes you wonder what we'd do without Google. I'd never find out anything important. But I'd probably get a lot more done.

On a different subject, I took Amelie for a walk along the seafront at dusk last night, and succeeded in capturing the matching bookend to Wednesday's sunrise photo...

It wasn't easy. Amelie had just seen a jogger, and was shouting "Run, Daddy, run!" at the time.


Dave said...

Has Amelie ever seen her father run?

Phil said...

Only away from her.

Phil's Mum said...

It DOES make you quite glad you live on a council estate in Brighton.  Thats where the best views are.

Peter Chapman said...

Are you a member of FlickR Phil?

Your photo is probably like 'Sunset Porn' to some of the members.

Phil said...

I'm not on Flickr, no, but if there's money in sunset porn, I'll be signing up first thing in the morning.