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Friday, September 03, 2004

Can I sneak in a quick post before midnight..? Marvellous. Ok... well, I don't actually have anything to say, but that's never stopped me before.

It's been a day of industrious boredom, which has included web-tinkering, note-making, e-mailing, pulp-writing and cat-kicking. Though not deliberately. The pulp-writing I mean. The cat-kicking was entirely intentional.

This afternoon I e-mailed the Scottish Community Drama Association (och aye the noo, as I believe they have a habit of saying), who I'm sure were thrilled to hear from me. Having paid the outrageous fee of £7.50 to enter my one-act lemming-fest 'Ledgers' into their 2004 Play on Words contest LAST DECEMBER (!!!), I received an e-mail from them in January of this year stating that "you will be notified of its progress by August 2004". Marvellous, I thought, only eight months to wait. So the fact that nine months on I've heard precisely NOTHING, rankles a tad, and entitles them to the rough edge of my e-mail tongue.

In other news, I challenge anyone to beat my score of 62 on this stoopid game.

But the best news of all is that Lisa returns home from Italy tomorrow! Hurrah! I've missed the little munchkin y'know. It just hasn't been the same without those piggy noises. Obviously I could go and meet her at the airport, but that would involve finding out what time her flight is, and some things are just too much trouble. But I'm looking forward to seeing what presents she's bought me.