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Thursday, September 23, 2004

I was watching the night-time repeat of 'Trisha' last night (I have to find some way to fill my time now that 'Cosmetic Surgery Live' has finished), and it featured a young couple who were merrily volunteering for one of Trisha's marriage-saving lie detector tests - such an integral part of a modern relationship, I feel.

In the pre-polygraph chat, our genial hostess asked the pair about their young son, posing the question:

"Was this baby planned?"

To which the girl replied:

"Sort of fifty-fifty. We were using protection, but not to its full...", at which point her words trailed off, and I was left with the quizzical expression of "what..?" on my face.

Fortunately Trisha spoke for the nation by nodding her head sympathetically and saying...


So obviously I'm the only one who doesn't understand this. Could someone please explain it to me? Does she mean she was on the pill, but only bothered taking it on alternate weekends when there was an 'R' in the month? I need to know.

But in the meantime I'm off down to Brighton. I'll be back tomorrow, but if someone could pop in and feed my cat, that would be lovely. Ta.