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Thursday, September 09, 2004

It's good to know I have a cat who doesn't let a bit of important printing stand in the way of a nap.

Can I feel something?

It's also good to know that Channel 5 (sorry, 'Five') haven't let the standards slip yet on 'Cosmetic Surgery Live'. I don't want to harp on about this programme, but really, when you find yourself watching Maureen from 'Driving School' trying to talk with a hypodermic needle stuck in her face, you know it's time you got cable.

Highlights of last night's show included Daniella Westbrook being traumatised by a chemical peel, and Vanessa's caring comment "she looks like a smurf in pain". The Fatz went on to top that as they removed the bandages from a woman who'd had a face lift five hours earlier. Naturally the lady in question needed reassurance about the major ordeal she'd just put herself through, and as luck would have it, Vanessa was on hand to rebuild her confidence with the words "you look like you've been in a car crash". She was certainly earning her money last night.

But I really didn't want to know what they do with the foreskins of circumcised babies. I feel quite ill.