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Monday, September 13, 2004

I'm writing this on Monday afternoon at Brighton Marina, a good half mile along the seafront from the TUC (isn't that a cheesy biscuit?) conference where Tony Blair is currently addressing the delegates. And then presumably posting them, I don't know. I decided it might be best not to venture too close to the pier with a laptop in case they think I'm remote-detonating some semtex. The Argus helped to spread a bit of calm on Saturday by carrying an interview with the IRA bloke who bombed the Grand Hotel in the 1980s, under the front page headline "BRIGHTON BOMBER WOULD DO IT AGAIN". That made us all feel better.

Lisa and I made it to the cinema yesterday to see 'Open Water', the low budget fish film which has taken America by storm. Having read rave reviews of it for the past month, I couldn't wait to see it, so naturally it was a huge let down and I felt like demanding my money back. I haven't been so disappointed since I sat through the closing credits of 'The Blair Witch Project' thinking "is that it?". The Brighton Argus (it's impressive the way I can use the words 'Blair' and 'Argus' in two entirely unrelated paragraphs, isn't it) gave the film a five star review on Friday, urging its readers to go and see it before anyone reveals the fabulous shock ending which will knock your socks off.

The shock ending, of course, is that it turns out to be a load of tame rubbish, and the closing credits come up before anything has actually happened. That certainly took ME by surprise. I didn't see it coming at all.

But hey, maybe I just have high standards. I'm more of a 'Carry on Camping' kind of guy.

In fairness, Lisa actually thought 'Open Water' wasn't bad, but before you take on board that recommendation, you need to bear in mind that she fell asleep for most of the second half. And that was at the 5pm performance. I mentioned at the end that one of them had been bitten by a shark. It was news to Lisa. I think she missed the shark angle altogether.

Still, all bodes well for tonight's cultural outing. We're off to the theatre to see Penelope Keith. I'm sure she won't let us down.