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Wednesday, September 22, 2004


In an effort to annoy my grumpy chum Melee (I'd link her name to an embarrassing pic, but frankly I've done it so often I've run out of them), I submitted a delightful photo of my cuddly cat Chloe to...

This one's for you, Melee.

... a website which does exactly what it says on the tin.

For some entirely unknown reason, young Melee is less than loving towards sweet little Chloe, and used to e-mail my now sadly deceased lardy cat, Oscar, calling him a "sexy wee beastie" and asking him to "swipe Chloe on her fluffy squashed nose for me". Which was a ridiculous thing to do - Oscar was always far too busy playing Minesweeper to bother reading his e-mails.

So to exact a bit of revenge on Melee for her unfounded accusations of evilness, and the fact that she spent the evening cuddling Oscar on my sofa when she came up at Christmas, and making vomit-related noises whenever Chloe walked past, I decided to launch Chloe's reciprocal hatred onto the worldwide web.

And triumphantly she's been accepted. Hurrah!

Although... invite contributors to write their own photo caption, but complain that 95% of people don't bother, forcing the webmasters to do it themselves. No problem, I thought, and kindly submitted my own caption regarding freak tobogganing accidents, and Chloe's fervent hope that certain people might be involved in them.

So you can imagine my delight at finding that they've replaced my effort with an unfunny line about Britney Spears. What? Now that really is enough to make Chloe hate you.