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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Back in November, I shot this footage of Amelie seeking out customers for her mobile hairdressing business at my parents' house in St Leonards...

Well the good news is that as of Easter Sunday, she's moved on to carpentry and is already taking telephone bookings...

If she combined the two, she could go at it hammer and tongs.

But like an electioneering politician (or cowboy builder), when she's not conducting important business on the phone, she's out there gauging public opinion on the street. And the result, according to one passer-by yesterday, is that she's "very cute".

She and I might have spent the whole weekend eating, but we made up for it yesterday with some serious walking in the Bank Holiday sunshine. I let her toddle along the seafront to Asda in the morning, but the real superhuman effort came yesterday afternoon when she walked the entire route below, holding my hand, and waving at strangers...

Brighton Marathon
I've marked all the points where she stopped to ask for a biscuit.

According to Google Maps, that's a distance of 1.7 miles. Which, when added to the 0.7 miles she covered in the morning, makes a toddling total of 2.4 miles. For someone with a stride of six inches, that's not far off a marathon. So let's examine the evidence: she's consistently funny, likes dressing in girls' clothes, and can run marathons on a daily basis. I might have to ask Eddie Izzard for a DNA test.