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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Amelie might have refused to wear her sheep mask at the weekend, but when it comes to looking like a spring lamb for Easter, there's one member of this family who doesn't get a choice...

I gave Chloe a haircut on Easter Monday to make her look more seasonal. I was hoping to attach a pair of bunny ears too, but even she draws the line somewhere.

Kiss Me QuickAs I can personally testify, an aggressive home hair-clipping will always attract the ladies, so it's no surprise that Chloe's spent the past three days being constantly kissed by Amelie. Mostly against her will, it has to be said. To be honest, if Chloe wasn't such a wuss, and knew how to stand up to bullies, we'd be down at A&E by now with a major claw-related trauma.

Admittedly, for a few months now, Amelie's been no stranger to kissing Chloe (it's when she starts doing it to frogs in fifteen years time that we need to start worrying), but since my cat went from a woolly sheep to a shorn lamb on Monday, the girl's become slightly obsessed. If Amelie wore lipstick, Chloe would be red all over.

When I did all of this a year ago, it made most of the national papers, but frankly it feels like Chloe's had more attention this time around. Amelie won't leave her alone. She's like a paparazzi stalker with no restraining order. But on the plus side, I don't expect this little video to make the six o'clock news...

If it does, I'll be sued for breach of copyright by the makers of Tom and Jerry...

Personally I prefer Ben & Jerry
If you didn't see the mouse, it's on the computer desk above Amelie's head.