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Friday, April 02, 2010

It's Good Friday, and Amelie's 1½ years old today, so what better time to make a cake...

I Love Ewe
And the best way, baa none, to ram home the message that I love ewe, is to make one in the shape of a sheep.

I bought those baking tins in Lidl for £3.99, so the quality's guaranteed. Admittedly Amelie's always struggled with what the rabbit says, but she speaks the ovine language like a native, and shouts "Cake!" more often than Mr Kipling, so a bit of Easter baking is right up her street.

I took her down to Asda on foot this morning to buy the ingredients, a trip which coincided precisely with the worst weather of the entire day. Amelie was toddling along the seafront through a sleet storm, the like of which I haven't seen since... well, since I took her out last weekend.

But the good news is that we made it to Asda with only mild hypothermia, and were soon warmed up by the type of crowds they usually reserve for Christmas. We failed to buy a few of the items on our list, not because Asda didn't have them, but because we couldn't squeeze through the throng to get to them.

Fortunately we managed to gather everything we needed for a carrot cake (what else would you make in a rabbit mould?) and a chocolate sponge. Which really ought to be chocolate mint for the sheep cake.

By that time, the rain had got considerably worse, but not all of it seeped through my coat and into my jumper...

Saturated Fat
There are definitely still one or two dry patches.

Lisa feels that the photo above makes me look like some kind of predatory paedophile, but I prefer to think of myself as Daddy Bear. Either way I'll end up doing porridge.

Anyhoo, the oven's on and Amelie's just gone to bed, so give it a couple of hours and my Easter cakes will have risen again. I'm planning to get up in the morning and film Amelie in her furry sheep mask, wearing her Easter bonnet, holding a chocolate lamb cake and saying "Baa". I don't think that's too much to ask.