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Monday, April 26, 2010

Search MeIf you watched my grand 'Slam Poetry' video yesterday, you'll have noticed that I stopped filming the moment the words 'Shakespeare' and 'young people' were mentioned. It's a natural reflex that I can't do anything about. But it's a shame, because what followed was actually quite impressive.

It turned out to be a 'Shakespeare Soliloquy Slam' for teenagers, which pitted Cardinal Newman Catholic School against Portslade Community College. Which is a bit like Eton playing the Bash Street Kids. Pictured right is Ben Judd from Cardinal Newman, who's my personal tip-top tip for the top. I took his photo because he's bound to be famous one day. In fact, having seen him do one of Iago's speeches from Othello, I'd happily cast him in my next play. If I had a next play.

The girl from Portslade who followed him was very good too, but sadly Amelie got over-excited at that point and started shouting louder than she was, so I decided we ought to make a swift exit.

Which is how we ended up on the other side of Jubilee Square, watching someone having his portrait painted (for free, with a black marker pen) as a famous literary character...

Mr Foster and the Baron Gilvan
To be honest, I only stopped to watch because I took one look at the subject on the right and assumed the whole thing was a piece of street theatre. It turns out I was wrong. The blokes doing the drawing are Foster and Gilvan, a musical art performance duo, but the chap on the right's just a typical Brighton resident.

It was all very entertaining, but the thing about watching great art is that it makes you crave a few nibbles...

She only said 'bic-bic' because she knew I was out of popcorn.