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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The problem with wandering the streets, taking photos of everything I see, is that I tend to forget what I've snapped. I've only just remembered this delightful picture I took in Crawley nine days ago...

Fabulous 99
That's the window of a 99p shop in Crawley town centre, which has been taken over by new management, and turned into a cheap shop, rather than a pound shop. Unfortunately they can't be bothered to get a new sign, so they've just scrubbed out the 'p', and are calling themselves 'Fabulous 99'. I went there thinking they sold ice cream.

Sadly they don't. But they do stock an enviable range of plastic battery-operated birds. No, really. Among the quality items on offer in the window are a 'Spread Peacock's Tail' and a 'Heartful Bird'. I've known a few hateful birds in my time, and most of them were cheap and plastic, but never a heartful one.

I particularly like the ParRot...

It's the latest technology to adopt advanced technology, simulating a true style, and is completely new to come in to the market. But I'm probably stating the obvious there.

The ParRot's clearly lovely, but personally I prefer the "HIGH QUALITY WORKMANSHIP" that went into this Singing Bird...

It's not every day you see a red, white & blue sparrow saying "Chirm" to what appears to be Shrek hiding in a tree trunk. I regret not buying one now.