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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

If there's one thing I've always said about Amelie, it's that she bears a striking resemblence to Dappy from N-Dubz...

                    Dappy                                                  Dippy

Admittedly she's a lot more articulate than he is, but they get into similar amounts of trouble for sending text messages. I don't think my Mum has any credit left after the last time she baby-sat.

Anyhoo, since returning to work yesterday, I've been busier than a cross-channel ferry service. Partly because I spent so long at the marathon on Sunday that I didn't go shopping. Or get petrol. Or do any of the things that I should have done before returning to work. So I had to cram most of it into yesterday evening. But the good news is, I've still found time for the really important things. Like going to the park.

So while I press on with some stuff I really should have done in my week off, here's a photo of a couple of swingers...

The ark in the background has since left to pick up some people from Spain.