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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nobody Move!It's the Brighton Marathon today, and frankly no one's getting out of here. I feel the same about my flat. I was hoping to take Amelie down to New Road this morning to see our good friend Andrew reminding the runners that Sunday should be a day of rest, by singing them a few God songs as part of the 'Brighton Goes Gospel' choir. He was due to take to the stage as part of the official entertainment shortly after 9am, which is when the marathon was due to kick off, but as we speak, Amelie's still in her high chair, putting porridge in her hair.

I did go down to the seafront yesterday afternoon though, to see how the preparations were coming along. They appear to have built an aircraft hangar in Madeira Drive, which could come in useful with the number of grounded planes we've got at the moment...

Tent City
And the seafront is crawling with international athletes and their trainers. Here's a Polish coach checking out the finish line...

Polish coach.
But the thing I really want to check out this morning is this...

Chips with everything.
I think it's some kind of takeaway service.