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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sometimes the only way to make the sun shine is to get down on the ground, turn your face skywards, and exalt the benevolent gods of weather...

Although I still don't like the look of those storm clouds.

Fortunately Amelie's life's a beach (when I can be bothered to take her there), but someone for whom weather is more of a matter of life and death is Big Sis, who's currently dodging tornados in the southern states of America. Last I heard, she was playing twister in Texas, having driven there from Louisiana with a following wind.

She made it to the wedding she was attending on Saturday, but she said the disasters she had to endure to get there would have filled about five blog posts. So I told her to write one for me. To which she replied that she couldn't, because her laptop had broken. I think that was one of the disasters. I expect some volcanic ash got into it during the flight.

But the good news is that having helped a couple tie the knot in the Bible Belt (which is going to be difficult to undo) Sis has found time to continue her worldwide humanitarian work with animals. She's already killed a kanagroo and butchered a bird, and her attempts to run over bears and wrestle sharks have been well documented. But I had this text message from Big Sis yesterday:

"Hit an armadillo the night before last".

That's another one to tick off the list.