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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I say, I say, I say... what does a Jewish Princess make for dinner?


That joke was told to me this afternoon by my favourite patient of the week (if not the job) so far. Sadly, patient confidentiality rules preclude me from saying who it was, although she's already mentioned the appointment on her showbiz blog, so frankly the cat's pretty much out of the bag. Which in this case would be the postbag on a popular TV show.

Having spent a couple of minutes talking to this anonymous star of stage and retinal screen, she attempted to perform some kind of Psychic Sally mind-meld on me by looking into my eyes (which frankly should have been my job) and saying "You're a singer aren't you?" - an intuitive suggestion which she instantly changed to 'musician' when I looked slightly doubtful. Thereby making her even more like Psychic Sally. I was tempted to tell her about my problems playing a Cm7 guitar chord with an arthritic little finger, but in the end I just said I was more of a writer.

Within five minutes, we'd both plugged our blogs, she'd asked for my card, I'd given her eye drops, and she was straight on the phone to her producer. She then told me she liked the title 'Mulled Whines', before adding that as a general rule, she hates puns. She'll be visiting here later. And presumably not staying very long.


A Passer-by said...

You'll have to ask to borrow the book - or put it on your Christmas or Birthday list.


Book 1:<span> The Jewish Princess Cookbook, Having Your Cake and 
Eating It</span>

A combination of cooking, culture and comedy this is a “MUST HAVE” for any kitchen. The Jewish Princess Cookbook is a one of a kind. I am your friend in the kitchen, who not only gives you fantastic, easy recipes but actually chats to you and makes you laugh while you cook. You will learn about Jewish cuisine and Princess Couture Cooking.
This is the first cookery book that is illustrated with what Princesses really want: diamond rings, handbags, shoes and oh yes food! So if you want the next big thing, where Sex in the City meets Desperate Housewives meets Cooking then enjoy this taster I have provided. Rush out and buy, or even better simply order on line, now that’s Princess Perfect!
There are few things more important in Jewish culture than food and many of the most iconic Jewish dishes have made their way firmly into mainstream culture. Who doesn't know that chicken soup - or Jewish Penicillin - is guaranteed to help you if you have a cold or flu. And, whilst you may not associate the stereotype of the Jewish Princess with ever venturing remotely near the kitchen, Jewish Princesses - and they know who they are - know that even in the 21st century eating remains at the heart of family life. The authors of this irreverent cookbook have produced a host of fabulous traditional as well as nouveau dishes of Jewish cuisine. A foolproof guide to the ultimate Friday night dinner sits alongside a delicious new twist on Bread and Butter Pudding - Choc-Challah Pudding anyone? There are also hilarious gems of Jewish Princess wisdom scattered throughout - 'What does a Jewish Princess make for dinner?' 'Reservations!' Reading this book it's easy to see that we all have a little bit of the Jewish Princess inside us - it's more than just a cookbook - it's a way of life!

Peter Chapman said...

Hmmm, I'd like to take a stab at Esther Rantzen. Not actually stab her though, more of a poke, but not in a sexual sense, if i were to use that language I'd take inspiration from Richard Keys and declare that I'd like to smash it.

Phil said...

I'm clearly not enough of a blokey bloke, because when Richard Keys used the phrase 'smash it', I honestly thought he was talking about wife-battering. In the words of Esther, that's life. And you're wrong, guess again.

Dave said...

As you know, Popular Culture and I aren't on first-name terms, so I have no idea about whom you are talking.  Unless it's our Julie, of course.