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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We had a phone call from Lisa's Mum on Monday night. She said she was calling to ask if Lisa would be free sometime in the next few weeks to go clothes shopping with her. Bearing in mind that this is a woman who would usually rather stick her head in a gas oven than a changing room, and thinks George at Asda is the special needs bloke who collects the baskets, it seemed an unusual request.

But she went on to explain, quite seriously, that she needs to buy a special outfit, and in addition to requiring her daughter's help to choose it, she was wondering if it could go on Lisa's credit card, as she's on a state pension and doesn't have the money for fancy clothes at the moment.

Lisa was naturally concerned by the tone of gravity in her Mum's voice, and the suspicion that she might be planning her own funeral, so she reassured her by confirming that of course she'd take her shopping soon, and that we'd happily pay for the outfit. Before asking what she needed it for.

At which point Lisa's Mum paused. And then said that she'd heard the royal wedding invitations had gone out, and was fully expecting to get one.

Either that's proof of where Lisa gets her sense of humour, or we need to start looking at homes.


jon the bassist said...

Phil its not so unlikely. I think my employers have been spoken to by Kate and whatisname about MY imminent invite because they have said I can take the day off.

Phil's Mum said...

I like it!  Definitely a Court Jester in the family, so Lisa's Mum may well get an invitation!

Dave said...

I've booked the day off, as I'm waiting for the call asking me to conduct the service any day.