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Friday, February 18, 2011

A passport to fame and fortune wasn't the only thing I tried to buy yesterday. I also got my hands on an owl. Although the celebrity was more of a hoot.

I was in a charity shop at lunchtime, looking for ways to spend my share of the NHS budget, and I found a small cuddly owl for 50p. Obviously there are limits to how much I'm prepared to spend on Amelie - three weeks ago, she saw a flannel fish in Lidl for £3.99, which I refused to buy her on the grounds that it was overpriced. And from Lidl. Unfortunately she hasn't let me forget it. She's spent the past few weeks telling anyone who'll listen that she "Saw a fish in the shop. It was three ninety-nine. Can't buy it."

To make matters worse, she's now embellished the story and started telling people it was only two ninety-nine. Frankly I'm beginning to look like a cheapskate. Which is what Amelie's claiming the fish was.

Anyway, the owl might have only been 50p, but it was quality, so I bought it, along with a penguin rucksack which I p-p-p-picked up for a pound. It turned out to be the best one-fifty I've ever spent. Although I've got a ticket for the Euro-Millions tonight, so that could all change. Since giving Amelie the bird last night (which is illegal in some US states), she's been inseparable from her feathered friends. This was the scene at 7:30 this morning, five minutes after she woke up...

An owl saw the mouse...
She's watching The Gruffalo there. Very closely. Which perhaps explains her reaction when I got home from work yesterday. I handed her the owl, and told her it was like the owl from The Gruffalo. To which Amelie responded:

"An owl saw the mouse and the mouse looked good.
Where are you going to, little brown mouse?
Come and have tea in my treetop house."

She's only two, and she's memorised half of page six. I don't know whether to put her down for Mensa or RADA.


Dave said...

I wouldn't dream of saying that the best thing for precocious kids is just to put them down.