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Monday, February 14, 2011

It's my first ever Valentine's Day as a married man, and I've got the card to prove it...

Trumped CardLisa gave me that this morning. Obviously it's lovely, but it's only half the size of the one I gave her. Which means I love her twice as much. Mine was also hand-decorated by Amelie, who told me she wanted to write something for Mummy, and then scribbled all over it in crayon. She used the red one though, so it blended in quite well. I told Lisa it was part of the design.

Having successfully trumped her card, I'm also cooking Lisa a gourmet Valentine's feast tonight. I haven't announced the menu yet, but I can exclusively reveal here that we're having beef & chianti lasagne with petits pois, pancetta and freshly baked cheese & onion bread, followed by melt-in-the-middle chocolate puddings. I've already begun the lengthy preparations by piercing the film lids and reading the microwave instructions. It should be ready shortly.

But the real excitement will come afterwards, when I present Lisa with her gifts. Tradition dictates that the gentleman buys his lady a certain sexy item of clothing for Valentine's Day, so as Lisa’s now my wife, I've done so for the first time. I'll take a photo of her wearing it before we go to bed, and publish it here tomorrow. I'm sure she won't mind.


Phil's Mum said...

Its like a trailer for an R18 film - but you won't be allowed to show it on YouTube! 

Dave said...

I think you are confused.  Valentine's are anonymous cards sent to people you are not married to.  You've already achieved your objective, and married her, so you can forget all that romantic nonsense now.

Lisa said...

No wonder you're divorced, Dave. Sending anonymous cards to other women. ;)