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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Lisa took Amelie to see the local Catholic priest this afternoon. I'm not sure if her intention was confession or exorcism, but either way the man had his work cut out. Apparently when Lisa was heading out of the door, she said to Amelie "Come on, little one". To which Amelie replied "Come on, big one". It's cheek like that which needs to be beaten out of her with religion.

Obviously I can't reveal the priest's identity here, in case Lisa's subtle befriending techniques fail, and she ends up having to blackmail him to get Amelie into the school around the corner, but having been told his name this morning, Amelie's spent the day calling him Farmer Cosy. She hasn't liked anyone so much since she met Chris and Donald.

I asked her about the meeting this evening and she informed me that not only is Farmer Cosy "nice", but he told her a story too. I was expecting the Nativity, the Good Samaritan or the one about Jonah & the Whale, but apparently not. She got the parable of the Three Little Pigs. I expect it was the the holy spirit that brought down those houses, not the Big Bad Wolf.


A Passer-by said...

Farmer Cosy?  Perhaps it was Pharma Cology and they were really meeting your boss.

But I reckon there should have been a rendition of "Old McDonald had a farm" in there somewhere.

And I also reckon Farmer Cosy got his story from the Bible (see I Corinthians 3.12) where it talks about buildings made with wood and straw - (and where it says "gold", read "bricks"!)

Dave said...

And Jesus told a story about a chap who built his house on sand (contrary to building regulations) and it fell down.

A Passer-by said...

There's also a story about three little pigs running down a hill to have a swim and discovering that pigs don't swim very well! - as well as one about wolf and a lamb having a meal out together (and surprisingly Lamb stew WASN'T on the menu!).