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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I was doing a clinic at Horsham Hospital today, where I heard a receptionist literally shout at a patient:


To which the man standing three feet in front of her replied:


She took that as a yes.

But that aside, the big news around here is that Lisa's Mum isn't the only one about to be summoned to London for a royal engagement. I'm off to this place tomorrow...

Royal College of Physicians
That's the Royal College of Physicians near Regents Park. Although it looks like an upside down wedding cake. It's one of only a handful of modern buildings to be Grade I listed, and was designed by Sir Denys Lasdun, who did the Royal National Theatre. Or the "nuclear power station" as Prince Charles once described it.

Tomorrow, however, it'll be a site for sore eyes, as it's playing host to a Diabetic Retinopathy Seminar organised by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. And what's more, I'm invited. As is anyone who pays the forty quid registration fee and knows the secret handshake.

I'll be getting up at 5:30am, so I hope the eye doctors supply matchsticks.


Phil's Mum said...

I'm sure you can sleep on the train - though it might have to be in a vertical position!

Dave said...

It doesn't look earthquake-proof.

jon the bassist said...

Was this some of Sir Denys early work inspired by a petrol station forecourt?

Broken Biro said...

Just popped over from Dave's place... did you ever consider starting up a website called 'a site for sore eyes'?
Just asking

Dave said...

There you are Phil - the power of advertising.  Mention your blog at my place, and you've increased your readership by 25%.