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Sunday, February 27, 2011

There's no better way to spend a weekend than reclining in your toybox with a balloon and a copy of The Gruffalo...

Box Clever
That was yesterday morning, shortly before we decided to drop everything and head over to St Leonards for some free babysitting. Not that childminding is the only reason we visit my parents. We also like to spend time in their company. And I told them so. Shortly before we headed out for three hours without our daughter.

It meant that Lisa and I were able to enjoy a relaxing Saturday afternoon, her asleep in the spare room, me writing a blog post on my parents' sofa (not literally - it would be a nightmare to wash out), while Amelie shouted "Get up Grandad!" and "Now dance!".

Having taken it easy for a few hours, we then sprang into action by pointing Amelie in the direction of her Grandma, and slipping out the back door to Tescos. Frankly Tesco could build a new store in the time it takes us to look around one, but it was worth walking Lisa down the aisles, because we found a cute t-shirt for Amelie featuring one of her favourite cartoon characters. Her name's Lola. She's a showgirl. And the show's on CBeebies.

We bought three tops for Amelie, on the grounds that they were 3 for the price of 2, but having examined our receipt, we found that they hadn't knocked off the whopping £3 we were owed. Some people might choose to ignore that, but to me, it's a free trolley dash at the pound shop, so I headed straight to the customer service desk. Having examined our receipt and checked our purchases, the bloke there informed us that if found to have overcharged a customer, they have a policy of refunding twice the amount. At which point he handed me six quid.

You've gotta love Tesco. They might be bankrupting farmers, but they're making me rich.


Dave said...

It's a trick, to encourage you to spend a couple of hundred pounds next time, just in case.

jon the bassist said...

Phil invest your money in the next big thing;-
Grandad, Now Dance (or else) 1
Interactive music and movement fitness C.D.s for the over 60's

Phil's Mum said...

Yes, I have found that out at Tescos.  It makes me examine my receipt VERY carefully!