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Monday, February 07, 2011

Lisa and I celebrated our four-month wedding anniversary last weekend. By 'celebrated' I mean 'completely forgot'. Frankly we were too busy touching tattoos in a pub. But having woken up on Saturday and realised (with a certain sense of foreboding joy) just how long we've been married, I decided it was about time we put up some of our wedding photos. And not just on the internet.

So while Amelie was hunting for sea shells in Homebase on Saturday, I was in the picture frame aisle, looking for something suitable to house our most precious of photos. And by 'suitable' I mean 'cheap'. Fortunately, I found it. This was reduced from forty quid to twenty...

Picture Perfect
Before you ask, those aren't our wedding photos. Ours are more colourful, less professional, and feature fewer shots of the Pyramids.

So in addition to putting up another four (count them) (but don't check if they're level) shelves this weekend, I also spent half of Sunday going through the 252 photos we took on September 30th, and deciding which sixteen deserve to live forever on the living room wall. The other half of Sunday was spent arguing with Lisa about my choices.

But by yesterday evening we'd come to a consensus. I agreed to cut out the one of me with Big Sis, in favour of one of Lisa on her own, and in return she agreed not to hit me. So with the decisions made and the measurements taken, I sat down and started printing. Whereupon my printer promptly ran out of ink. I think I'll wait for our five month anniversary.


Phil's Mum said...

Oh dear!  I was holding my breath, reading to the bottom of the page, expecting to see the finished article!

Dave said...

In the meantime you can pretend the photos in the frame come from your honeymoon.

Z said...

We didn't bother with wedding photos, though there are a few snapshots that my mother-in-law took.  There are photos of the reception, three months later, but we never framed any of them, or made an album.  My sister-in-law gave us a photo of the occasion in a silver frame for our 25th anniversary (years, not months).  It's in the kitchen.  The frame has become tarnished.

I'm sure you'll do a lot better.

Lisa said...

Was it because you didn't think it would last, Z ;)