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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I read an interesting statistic last night (which is interesting in itself, because according to recent research, 87.9% of statistics are not very interesting at all). Apparently relationships are FIVE TIMES more likely to break up in the two weeks before, and the two weeks after, Valentine's Day. And judging by the evidence of the last fortnight, it would appear to be true. I've heard more tales of woe just lately than Denise Robertson, the This Morning agony aunt (and that woman's seen a lot of tragedy).

Lisa and I went through a rocky patch ourselves, when she brazenly told me to "shut up" during a conversation about Celebrity Fit Club. I was pushed to my limits that day, I can tell you.

But the good news is we've survived the four week window of woe, and probably won't break up now until we're stuck together for a fortnight in Texas later this month.

Changing the subject, I'd just like to point out a small amusement for people who are easily pleased. My newly revamped and updated comments system now supports Gravatars. Hurrah!

It means that if you go to, enter your e-mail address and upload a small picture, that picture will then appear alongside every comment you make on this, or any other Gravatar enabled blog. It's a major step forward in visually enhanced commenting. And a chance for me to spend hours online looking at pictures without feeling guilty.

Right, well I'm off to the theatre now to see...

Is that Sigourney Weaver?

I've been watching programmes about torture all week on Channel 4, so I'm in the mood...