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Monday, March 07, 2005

Yesterday was of course Mother's Day, a time to show one's appreciation for the lifelong efforts of dear Mummy with a carefully chosen gift which says 'I Love You'. Fortunately Lisa and I know how to express a bit of heartfelt gratitude when we need to, so we turned up at my parents' house yesterday afternoon and presented my Mum with a framed photo of us in our Elvis gear. She was visibly moved. Or possibly it was just shock. And disappointment. But either way, we hadn't spent much, and that's what matters.

On our way there, we'd stopped at Tescos so that I could buy the last (or possibly only) copy of the Sunday Express on sale in Suffolk. I'm not normally an avid Express reader (although Robert Kilroy-Silk's column is enough to tempt any man), but I'd received word that yesterday's edition featured an article on our very own King Nicholas. And I was not to be disappointed. It turned out to be a two page spread complete with photos (sadly not of the colour centrefold variety, although the article does feature the phrases "top-notch balls", "ghastly tongue" and at least two mentions of cucumbers, so you could easily be confused).

I particularly like the photo of His Highness eyeing up the Jordan's Country Crisp (now of course the Katie Price's Country Crisp) in the local shop, but I'm sure the bloke shown cutting our monarch's hair is the same bloke serving him a pheasant burger in the previous shot. He's clearly just put on a pair of glasses and is hoping we won't notice. I would post evidence to back up these claims, but sadly I'm now in Brighton, and Lisa doesn't have access to a scanner. It's like the dark ages around here.

Anyhoo, it's a quality piece, and not unlike a Just Seventeen photo story. Though I'd question whether "It is such a hoot" is really the kind of quote I'd want to see appearing in the national press.

But anyway, royal-watching over, Lisa and I spent a few hours at my parents' house mingling with family members whilst Lisa bonded with my niece and I ate all the food. I attempted to explain to my sister-in-law who King Nick is, received the comment "what's a blog?", and gave up.

With socialising done, we drove back down to Brighton yesterday evening for a Paul Weller concert tonight. Lisa's a bit of a fan, but being quite youthful, I barely know the man. I did once learn 'That's Entertainment' on the guitar, but it wasn't very entertaining. Lisa apparently likes 'Going Underground', which is slightly ironic - I struggle to get her on a tube train at the best of times.