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Thursday, March 17, 2005

It had to happen. After ten months as a couple, and a lot of mature discussion, Lisa and I finally decided to try swinging...


Well ok, the discussion wasn't that mature. We actually just headed straight for the children's playground and argued about who should push who first. Which is what happens when us kids are left at home alone all day. Big Sis should've hired a babysitter.

Anyhoo, this holiday isn't all about eating, it's about giant reptile hunting too, hence we left the safety of Sis's house yesterday afternoon and ventured out into the local neighbourhood in search of scaly hell-fiends. Sadly we didn't find any in the Mansell Community Park, but to be honest Lisa was busy trying to see if she could get me to loop the loop on the swings, and I was busy screaming that I wanted to get off, so quite frankly we could've missed the man-eating reptiles. We did see a couple of squirrels though.

We also hung out by Chandler's Pond, where Lisa seemed particularly keen to take photos of me standing by the water's edge, presumeably in the hope that she might get a shot of the killer croc emerging from the pond behind me and dragging me under. It didn't happen, but I ended up looking fat in the photos, so I wish it had.

In the evening Big Sis drove us over to Carrabba's Italian Grill, a restaurant we'd chosen primarily because we had a voucher for a free starter. Our young waitress politely informed us that our accents were "awesome", as was our choice of food, my ability to find the restrooms, and the fact that I only wear glasses for driving (?). Frankly life appeared to leave her in a permanent state of awe.

We made the most of our free starter by choosing the most expensive item on the menu. And then not eating it. But hey, how was I to know I wouldn't like squid? Fortunately the main course was better, and having finished my own, I helpfully assisted Lisa in eating hers. The waitress then declared my appetite to be awesome, and we left.

Having greatly enjoyed our Monday night experience of standing outside a closed mall in a high crime area, we were fortunate enough to get a second bite of that particular cherry when Sis rolled up outside the restaurant at 10:15pm. Fifteen minutes after it shut. She claimed she'd been reading my blog and had lost track of time.

I've heard some far-fetched excuses in my time...